Shelcy & Christy Joseph - Influencers

We have been following sisters Shelcy and Christy of @nycxclothes for a while, watching them grow their personal brand, bringing a unique perspective to fashion, and OBSESSING over their style. What is it that we love about them most? Their commitment to building communities and the relatable stories they tell. Personally, we can’t wait for these ladies to blow up even more. Shelcy and Christy shared some insight with us on how they got their start and why they enjoy doing what they do.

How did you get into blogging and fashion?

When we moved from Haiti in 2010, the cultural shock was intense. We went from having a tight-knit community where we lived in Port-au-Prince to adapting to a more individualistic lifestyle in New York. What we shared with the city though was this drive and hustle spirit. Somewhere down the line, we grew to have similar tastes in clothes and travel/adventures. So we started a YouTube channel to capture and share our experiences, then our Instagram took a life of its own. It was both a creative outlet and, in some way, a place to create/become part of a community.

What does being an influencer mean to you? 

It means having a platform to tell your story, be your most authentic self and let your creativity run wild. We love how you can develop so much talent from it—from photography, video editing to writing, styling etc. What we love most about it though is connecting with people both online and IRL. It's incredible that we can host an event, share it on IG and have people show up. It's one thing to have the outlet to share snippets of your life on, but it's another (and a much more special moment) to meet someone who could then become a friend. The best part about it is definitely the people you get to meet, the unique projects you get to work on, the experiences you have and the quality of interactions!

For anyone who wants to get into blogging or become an influencer, what advice would you give them?

To focus less on metrics and more on bringing their whole selves onto the app. You can never go wrong with putting out quality content, sharing powerful stories/spreading positivity and being true to who you are. 


What influences your styles most?

Everything really, from a day at the museum, a great magazine read to a random trip somewhere new. New York in particular abounds with amazing sensory experiences and quality people to meet. So we draw our inspiration from anything memorable. 

Do you have any upcoming projects in 2019 that you can share with us?

We officially have an LLC now , so that's super exciting! We're planning to collaborate more with different creatives, whether it be photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, content creators, name it! So we can't wait to see what comes out of that. Lots of partnership ideas in the works with brands and potential outlets. A lot more writing/guest contributing being done. We'll keep putting ourselves out there! We have a few fun projects involving some influencers in the next few weeks, and we may be looking for an intern soon. That's all we can share for now, but it's all going to be really fun! 

How long have you lived in New York? How do you like it so far?

We'll hit the 9-year mark in February, so we should be able to call ourselves New Yorkers now, lol. There's nothing like the city; it has become a second home. From the different people you meet, the gritty attitude you can feel in the streets to all the stimulating experiences/activities, it's a really beautiful and diverse city. It has its issues of course (rising rents, etc.), but the beauty of it is that everyone here is chasing something—and there's so much substance in that. 

What is like to work with your sister?

It's amazing! We disagree with each other a lot, but it's often on the small things because we both have a pretty clear vision of where we wanna take this. Not sure if it's because we're sisters, but one thing that's made working together extra special, is knowing that no matter how ugly a fight gets, we'll eventually patch things up. There's no fear of abandonment. We like to joke with each other that we're stuck together, and this pretty much sums it up.

Dead or alive, who would you love to have dinner with?
Chris would say Will Smith because he's the wisdom king. Shelcy would probably say Michelle Obama because she'd have so many questions for her at dinner.


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