Kristin Texeira - Painter


When you’re in a bit of funk, one look at Kristin Texeira’s paintings and you’re instantly in a brighter mood. Kristin started painting as a child, preoccupying herself with coloring books and puzzles, and eventually pursued art as a career. She has shown her work at galleries in New York, Paris, and other parts of the world. Learn about her approach to painting, what brought her to Brooklyn, and where you can snatch up one her lovely pieces below.


Where are you from and when did you start painting?

I grew up in West Bridgewater, a small town in Massachusetts 30 minutes south of Boston. I've been painting since I was a kid. I was an only child until 6 years old when my brother was born. So in my early childhood, I entertained myself with coloring books, watercolors, and puzzles. I'd tape my paintings to my grandmother's walls and have art exhibitions for myself.


What kind of paintings do you make? What dictates what you will create?

I make abstract oil paintings that are based on memories and interactions with people and places. Certain colors come to mind when I engage with a place or recall a moment in time, and I use these colors to tell a story.

Where is your favorite place to get inspiration?

Any place that is new. Traveling to a new city is always a shock to the senses. It helps keep me awake and aware of the subtle-everyday moments that feed my work. It also helps me appreciate the place I've just left -- I can reflect on where I was before my travels while I'm away. I need to be on the move in order to create space between the past and present because most of my works concern memory.  

Are there places where we may have seen your work? 

Uprise Art is a gallery on Canal Street that puts a lot of my work out into the world. I had a mural up on Orchard and Broome [in NY] for a few months outside of Tictail Marketplace. Slow Galerie in Paris. Room 68 in Boston/Provincetown. The Jaunt art residency had me roaming around Newfoundland last summer. The streets of Bisbee, Arizona. Pretty much every room of everyone I love -- always gifting out color to the homies. THE GRAM.


If you had to choose 3 words to describe your artwork, what would they be?

Crispy, nostalgic, pensive.

Does your personal style influence your art and vice versa?

Other than maybe music - no. I don't wear a lot of colors, I don't paint the colors of my clothes. But, if I'm listening to certain music -- the sound, beat, feel of the music subconsciously seeps into my work. I have to be careful to what I'm listening to sometimes. Often I keep a song on repeat so that I don't break whatever trance I get myself into while working on a piece.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Lately, just messing around with these paper mâché sculptures that I made -- for no reason. Just want to play with color. Now that I make a living off my work it's changed the way I feel about making paintings. There are days that painting feels like work because I have to produce for a gallery, or deliver for a show. Painting on these weirdo sculptures feels like play-paint again. I can zone out - no pressure. 


Why did you come to New York?

After college at MassArt, I moved around a bit doing seasonal jobs and attending art residencies. Throughout my travels I met a lot of artists who were older than me -- most of them live in Brooklyn. I had always been fascinated by the abstract expressionists in NYC of the ‘50s so the city was already on my radar. In 2011, I received a love letter from Brooklyn while I was attending a residency in France. All the forces were pointing me to New York so I moved here.

What is your favorite thing about New York?

Having one of those "New York" days when you say yes to something you didn't plan on and then just letting the day take you around the city. Running into friends in the street. Knowing how to move about by cardinal directions. Feeling like you've had 10 good days in 1.


See more of Kristin’s work at

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