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Meet #noteworthy woman Kimberly Ho, a former NYC investment banker turned entrepreneur. We chatted with Kimberly about how she's disrupting the children's skincare industry and the motivations behind her brand, Evereden. Take some major notes on this inspiring boss lady and her baby-friendly products below!


How did you come up with Evereden and what are your goals for the brand?

It really started from a personal need. Traveling back and forth to Asia over the years, my childhood girlfriends starting families would beg me to bring them natural and organic baby products from the US — they just weren’t on the market over there. But after doing some research, I realized that the formulas in US baby products weren’t as natural or safe as they claimed to be. I quit my job in finance, assembled a team of world-class dermatologists and set out on a mission to rebuild children’s skincare from the ground up. One year later, I’m launching Evereden.

What kind of work did you do prior to starting Evereden?

I started my career in investment banking at Goldman Sachs, then became an investor at Oaktree Capital. My several years in finance taught me a lot about grit, guts and how to build a business — but ultimately I was itching for a different challenge, and something more creative.

During my time in finance, I invested in consumer and skincare companies. I became intimately familiar with the brands on the market — their supply chain process, their formulas and more. I quickly learned that, by and large, most children’s skincare brands were using the same questionable ingredients, and despite huge innovations in women’s skincare, children’s skincare formulas hadn’t really changed over 20 years. My background in finance taught me to carefully analyze the market, assemble a team of world class dermatology experts to help in the R&D process, and ask manufacturers hard questions when formulating my own line. I was told ‘no’ a lot. But I kept pushing, and eventually found manufacturers and suppliers who were willing to create something entirely new with us.


What was the most challenging thing about starting your own company?

Changing the status quo: manufacturers were used to doing things a certain way, and when I asked for formulation changes that would make formulations safer and to remove certain questionable ingredients, I encountered unexpected pushback from manufacturers that had done things in a certain way for years. But I kept pushing, and eventually found manufacturers and suppliers who were willing to rebuild children’s skincare from the ground up with us.

If you had to choose 3 words to describe Evereden, what would they be?

Safe, Premium, Innovative

How does having a business influence your style?

These days, I prefer minimalist clothes that work no matter the work occasion. When running a startup, there may be numerous meetings and conversations throughout the day – from meetings with lawyers, to suppliers and investors – and my favorite thing to wear is a crisply tailored white shirt, with a pencil skirt or pants.


Who inspires you most?

Women founders inspire me most, for example Emily Weiss from Glossier, and Jen Rubio and Steph Korey from AWAY have built amazing brands in their respective fields in the direct-to-consumer space, and each of them have built incredible communities around their brands.

What is the best career advice you've ever been given?

Think about what you’re most passionate about and why; this is the thing that will keep you going when things are tough.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Celebrity magazines!

What are your favorite spots in New York?

I love a good speakeasy bar, Angel’s Share is an all-time favorite.

Kimberly in our    Lenox Boyfriend Shirt   .

Kimberly in our Lenox Boyfriend Shirt.

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