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We caught up with budding journalist, Andrea Devoto, to talk about her move from her home in Puerto Rico and her aspirations in working in the beauty and fashion industry. She even gave us some insider scoop on her latest beauty must haves. We also talked about inclusivity in the industry and how she Is contributing to the conversation with an awesome new project she’s working on to highlight the Latinx community.

What do you do and where are you from?

I was born in Peru but grew up in Puerto Rico. A year and a half ago I decided to move to New York in the pursuit of something that could take my life and career to a more global experience. I’ve always dreamed of coming here and working in fashion but I knew it wasn’t something that was going to happen easily. So that’s why I started to work when I was still in college and did a summer internship in New York – to have that experience under my sleeve for when I moved completely. Right now I work as a Fashion and Beauty Editorial Assistant at People en Español but I’ve been doing some collaborations and work related to writing, social media, and buying on the side.

What is your definition of beauty?

I see beauty as a feeling. When I feel good, I give the best version of myself in the things I do. When someone looks confident, they look good - no matter if they’re wearing makeup or not. It’s also a tool to take care of yourself, to love yourself, to play with your different personalities (Gemini speaking here!).


How do you think the beauty industry has evolved in the last 5 years (if it has at all) and do you think it will continue to do so or not?

In terms of inclusivity, it finally started to evolve. Slowly but surely brands are expanding their makeup shades and also getting into the “not one product fits all” band wagon, which is great when it comes to including different types of skin and features in the products they make. On the other hand, I’m really into clean beauty that is also sustainable and eco-friendly. Since I started working in beauty I’ve been noticing even more how wasteful this industry is. I always ask brands if they’re doing something to make their packaging at least recyclable. But there are still some grey areas that need to be figured out in order to make a product completely clean and good for the environment. But making small changes, whether you’re a company or a beauty junkie, could also make a positive impact for the planet!


What is your favorite thing about working in fashion and beauty? 

My favorite thing is to communicate the stories behind them. No matter if it’s a news story, a red carpet look, something interesting about a brand, or just a gallery of the best perfumes for summer, there’s someone that will read it and get inspired or learn something from it. 

 Who or what influences your style most?

On a day-to-day basis, I get inspired by the people and brands I follow on Instagram. But I can also be at a thrift shop and get inspiration from a vintage piece that I found and think about the many ways I could wear it with the things I already have in my closet. 

 What are your favorite beauty products right now?

Since my job requires to try different products on a weekly basis, I’m always discovering a new favorite. The one I’ve been truly obsessed with is Innisfree’s Intensive Hydrating Eye Roll-On With Green Tea Seed. I hate mornings only because I wake up with puffy eyes almost everyday. This makes me feel extra tired but this thing has made wonders on de-puffing them and making me feel energized. Also, its antioxidants are keeping those premature wrinkles away! Another one has to be Murad’s Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lighting Serum. This is MAGIC for fading away hyperpigmentation caused by acne and the Sun.

Do you have any projects you're working on that you can share with us?

YES! I’m really excited to be working alongside some of the coolest and most talented Latinxs out there on a platform that we feel very close to. We created an editorial website focused in fashion and beauty for Latinxs, called Emperifollá, a word in Puerto Rican slang that translates to being all dolled-up. This digital space is something that we saw the industry was lacking of in terms of representation as well as the stories that are important for our community to be put out there and weren’t being told. We want to break the expectations of what a Latinx should look like. It has just been one month since our launch and we’ve been receiving a lot of messages from Latinxs expressing how happy they are about this platform because they finally feel represented as who they really are. Things like this are really beautiful and has motivated us to keep creating this type of content.

What do you want people to know about Latinx as it pertains to fashion and beauty?

I want them to know that they can’t put us in a box. We’re not just only J. Lo or Cardi B. Yes, we celebrate them, but we’re not all like them in terms of appearance and/or style. We come in every skin shade, hair texture, body type, etc... So when brands talk to Latinxs, they have to acknowledge our diversity and encourage us to embrace what makes us different with products that help us get the best of ourselves and not try to fit one definition of what beauty should look like.


To learn more about Andrea, follow her at @andevoto and @emperifolla on Instagram and at

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