Emilie Poulin - Founder of llayers


Paris has always enchanted us and our friend, Emilie Poulin, enchanted us even further with her beautiful Parisian home and the story of how she started her first line of jewelry - llayers. We had a chat with Emilie in her flat to discuss how she transitioned from fashion design to entrepreneurship and what she loves about being in Paris. Take a look at some of her unique jewelry pieces and learn more about her inspirations.


Where are you from and what do you do?

I’m a fashion designer and consultant, born and raised in France, now living in Paris. After my studies and diploma of literature and languages, I moved to Paris to study at the fashion school Studio Berçot. Since then, I’ve worked for a lot of different fashion houses. A few years ago, I decided to move to New York and worked for Calvin Klein. I am now a fashion freelance consultant and I also started my on my jewelry line, llayers.

What inspired you to start your jewelry line?

While in NYC I decided to start my own company as a freelancer for fashion brands and I also decided to take more time for myself, which I haven’t been able to do for a long time. Looking at all the things I had accumulated over years as a designer, they brought me different design ideas that I wanted to translate into something new for me.


So i started to follow new workshops, train in ceramics and silversmithing, and discover a new way and rhythm to be inspired by and create. I really enjoyed this different work approach and it led me to work on launching my first jewelry collection in the next year.

Where did the name llayers come from?

I liked the word layers - not just the sound of it, but also its meaning. It can represent a whole as each of the different strata of this set. I design clothes, jewelry, ceramics, create music ... a kind of accumulation of things that I like that can each represent an individual layer, but that constitutes me as a whole.

I added a 'l' for the graphic and visual side and to accentuate the meaning of the word.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your jewelry line?

I started by being quite inspired by architecture and clean lines images that I had accumulated over years. During the design process though, the jewelry pieces evolved a lot to something I didn’t plan at first. Anything around me can inspire me, from paintings, design details to some random shapes and texture I can see in the city.

What materials do you use to make your jewelry?

I work with recycled silver and brass and I just introduced some gold plated finishing over these two materials on a selection of products.


What is your favorite thing about living in Paris?

Moving back from New York I realized Paris has the ideal city scale that allows you to cross the city pretty easily. People are more spontaneous here about meeting and going out so you end up always getting invited or joining someone for some plan.

The cultural life is pretty rich from exhibitions, festivals, to music venues, etc.

I love the music scene here and go see music gigs a lot from little bands to the most famous ones.

I also enjoy wandering through the streets and always get surprised by the beauty of details everywhere.

Are there any other projects you are working on that you can share with us?

I’m working on a new capsule and theme for my jewelry line and on expanding my objects line as well.


Learn more about llayers and Emilie by following @llayersjewelry and @blown.a.wish.

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